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Services / Nominated Cargo
Om Freight Forwarders Pvt. Ltd. features amongst India's most reliable IATA accredited, integrated logistic service provider. Our nominated cargo service is one of the most dependable and cost effective. We cater to over 800 national and international locations with our comprehensive freight and cargo services.

We undertake complete documentary, legal, customs compliance and statutory requirements, ensuring that your cargo and documents move in tandem and adhere to a predetermined schedule.
Our "Single Stop Nominated Cargo Service" includes
P.O / L.C scrutiny (cargo inspections, quota formalities etc)
Co-ordination with the shipper to meet the delivery schedule
Interaction with the various authorities such as
Inspection agencies
Quota authorities
Insurance companies etc
Container consolidation & inland transport
Customer brokerage
Preparation of document as per P.O/L.C norms
Securing export benefits on behalf of shippers
Daily status reports, monthly analysis & MIS report as per your needs
For a guaranteed trouble free and information driven service, nominate "Om Freight Forwarders Pvt. Ltd." as your freight forwarders of choice in your P.O/L.C.
It was after the early five-year plans of the Indian Government that adequate ports were developed. This facilitated the process of sending goods to and from India. Gradually buyers began to increase their activities in India and Bombay being one of the key ports, witnessed higher and higher amounts of cargo movement.